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Liuyang Miracle Import and Export Trading Co.,Ltd is established in 2008,It is made up of a team of professionals with experiences of more than one decade .After being engaged in the fireworks industry for years ,the company has formed a unique understanding and pursuit of the art of fireworks,We control every production link by strictly adhering to procedure so as to ensure the stability of our products,Up to now ,we have established in-depth cooperation relationship with more than 70 enterprises ,all of whom are elites in the industry .Together with our partners ,we guarantee to provide our customers with exquisitely-made products of stable quality on schedule.

The more than 70 enterprises almost cover all fireworks products ,thus we can offer more choices to our customers.Among these factories ,our customers can definitely find their desired fireworks products .Right now ,thanks to the leadership of our general manager and efforts of the whole team ,we have established our own product center in our meeting room ,where customers can find the detailed information of every product ranging from small items to cakes to shells ,Our European customers are especially interested in fireworks certified by CE .


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